A Few Fav Things!

All Things Natural, Vintage, Antique-Pottery Less Than Perfect-"It's had a Life" - Old Treasures Blended With the New & Modern.  Hydrangeas are one of My very favorite beautiful things in the world. That's fresh cut or dried. I enjoy the challenge of working with a "nothing" and turning it into something. Something beautiful, of course!  Sticks, Twigs and branches especially those with lichen. Curly Willow branches make a statement all alone.  Repurposed less than perfected pieces of pottery, old jars, dishes..architectural pieces that have been discarded can be the beginning of a memorable decorative accent or feature all alone. Wild flowers dug up "roots & all" can become just what's needed for an outdoor wedding.  Broken depression era dishes or glassware or pottery chards are difficult to trash.  That's why they often end up in flower pots or flower beds [at my house].  Yes, I do have just a few 'favorite things.'



Times Past-Treasures Found

Clarence Turner [1st Cousins]

Benny & Lila Mae Mobley-Turner-Strickland


Earlish Arnold Mobley & Vera Loper-Mobley
Eddie Walters & Josephine Mobley-Walters

Glenda, Josephine,Troy, Ivis,Audrey Mobley
[Troy & Josephine Brother/Sister]

Troy Mobley's Girls Glenda,Ivis,Audrey w our  Aunt Josephine

Annie Bell Mobley Williams & E.D. Williams

My Dad-Walter E.D. Williams & My little Sister Gwenell


Wonderful Old Mobley Pictures

Audrey, Ivis & Glenda Mobley-Uncle Troy & Aunt Annie's girls~

 Our Mobley Grandparents: Marion Albert & Rachel Lee-Mobley Looks like this may have been taken on a rare trip to Atlanta [Aunt Josephine's ]

Uncle Henry Mobley as a Young Man-Brother of Marion Albert Mobley

Mobley Sisters: Lila Mae & Annie Bell


Annie Bell Mobley-Williams
Mama-Annie Bell Mobley-Williams
Grandma Mobley
Rachel Lee-Mobley-Grandma
Grandpa Mobley
Marion Albert Mobley-Grandpa
Annie Roundtree-Mobley-Uncle Troy's Wife
Left-Right: Ileen Mobley, Laura Kitchens-Mobley, Eulita Mobley, Rachel Lee-Mobley [Laura is Ileen & Eulita's Mother]

Mobley Brothers: [order of Birth] Jack, Troy, Earlish, Marion
Marion & Dolly Strickland-Mobley
Marion Albert Mobley-Grandpa
Mobley Brothers- A Guess : Jack & Troy
Audrey Mobley on Right-Left ?
Troy & Annie Mobley's girls plus a Grandchild?
Troy Mobley

Annie & Troy Mobley

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A Note From Me

I am so glad you stopped by-whether accidental or intentional. Some days my posts will be entirely inspirational and other times quite random but the time we share can be worthwhile. My initial intent was to use this space for my Mobley Family notes { james n mobley line } I know one can only write when inspired to do so. With that in mind I caution you to expect various twists and turns in the conversation as we wander Down the Lane and Around the Curve. If you have a clue what a Lane is then you already know that a walk down the lane can be a solitary walk, ambling without the company of another or it can simply be a leisure experience with someone who's company you enjoy, working out the world's problems or just soaking up nature and God's spectacular creation surrounding you. There is enjoyment either way. I say all that to say this: "Our walk down the lane will be much more interesting if you come along with me from time to time. I am not the only one with something to share so please join in as you are motivated or inspired.
Please know that I have not abandoned my first blog Down the Lane. I still drop in to read comments and check my tracker to see who's reading or even if there might be a new Follower. I have noticed when I check the traffic on Like Gramma's House and come over to DTL I am seeing apparently the same visitors are checking in on both sights..based on the city and state and time frame of the visitors..That's Great! Thank you faithful few who are inquisitive enough to click on the links and come over. Let me explain ...in case you have missed it earlier: This is my original blog. At a point in the process of this project I began to drift in a new direction creatively and hence Like Gramma's House was birthed. By way of continued explanation for what looks like an orphaned blog here..I simply have not come up with a way, an idea for either following through with Down the Lane or closing it out. One cannot write without inspiration. I just don't have a clue where to go with this one. The only glimmer of a creative twist I have is to invite my cousins to contribute to the family stories, pictures with their own quirky takes... looking back Down the Lane.There has been no encouragement leading me to think they would pitch in. They all have wonderful memories to share.. and I am confident it would be worth while. Apparently just don't think what they have to share would be blog worthy.

My Gramma's House~

Time changes so many things. Loved ones are no longer here. Landmarks dissappear from the landscape. Entire communities are seemingly erased. Homes have burned leaving scarcely a footprint in the earth where they once stood. Even so, we still refer back to things 'the way they once were' as being ~Like Gramma's House~ http://mygrammashouse.blogspot.com/


There comes a time in LIFE when our COUSINS AGAIN become very important. I think that time has arrived. jwh