Little Heartbreaks

How can a heartbreak be a "little" heartbreak?

There's something for this writer to ponder.

Perhaps a little heartbreak might be losing a softball game or the competition for cheerleader or a friend not inviting you to his birthday party.

Heartsick rather than heartbreak. What do you think?

I recall disappointments where I was simply heartsick about an outcome and that didn't "feel good" ya'll.

Have you had the good fortune to have a special trip or vacation as an option then at the last hour it all fell through. No matter how grown up you are it's a heartsick time you have to work through. At first you privately react exactly as the 5 year old when told he can't have the scheduled birthday party. Inside where no one can see, you kick, scream, throw yourself on the floor and cry buffalo tears [whatever that is]. You feel your little world crumbling apart like Graham Crackers that have been in the pantry too long.

You are an adult so you can't really do that..but it is real and it is your heartsick moment, your private heartbreak. Sometimes that is when you really throw a party: A BIG PITY PARTY and just to 'show them" you don't invite anyone to your party. They are just supposed to care enough-to read your inner thoughts and know you're not available-until the party's over.

Sometimes it's hard being grown up isn't it? Come on, Admit it-I'm right there with you..no matter how mature and reasonable I may appear on the outside.

Hey.. That's why God made Tears..use them. I do!


Sunshine and Rainbows

God is Good! Think of all the ways he fills our days. Yes there are mountantop & Valley Days and I guess that's the equivalent of sunshine and rainbows..with the sunshine we often have to settle for inconvenient heat and with the rainbows we usually have to accept an inconvenient downpour.

I am reminded of some of the rough spots in the past. I sometimes refer to these as pot holes along the way.

It's definitely a 'valley' experience when the doctor says "If this is laryngeal cancer, and I am pretty sure it is". Yes it's a pot hole along the way when the doctors interupt a grandson's surgery to tell his parents: "It's worse than we thought" and it certainly isn't convenient when your car's transmission takes on a life of it's own [ 40 miles from destination ] and all you can imagine is the picture of "the VW love bug" coming apart in the middle..remember that?
And it's shattering when you get the call that your "younger" sister has just flat lined in the hospital and is rushed to emergency heart bypass.

But then all the roads are not dotted with potholes..It's a sunshiny day with rainbows when the labs come back and the grandson's surgery can be reversed and he can function normally. The words Mercy and Victory immediately come to mind!

And the doctor's evaluation that ends with: "I see no sign of the return of cancer"..O definitely a sunshiny day. Whewwww! PTL again, again.

And the sweet little note from a friend that says someone cares what's going on with you...more sunshine!

The Dr. says. "She came through the surgery just great" No words to describe the reaction..God is good..and His mercy endures forever.

As I grow older [ and OLDER :&)] that word Mercy comes up more often.

The simple ordinary things that are not really ordinary: the children who hurry to you with hugs at church..joy, joy, joy! They trust me with their love. OOOOOOOOMY :^)

He continues to make my day [s] as my path crosses with another kindred spirit who is just thrilled about the same addictions [ to old, vintage, primitive and antique] I have! Yes I count this a blessing and a joy too. God does care about the most [seemingly] mundane things in my life. It doesn't have to be the things that cause me to shed tears on my pillow during a restless night. He cares about the small pleasures or the ongoing frustrations or discouragements.

This is the God of our MIRACLE YEARS in southeast Texas..the same God who efficiently removed my husband's arm from the round baler out in the hay field alone and 10 miles from home and 15 more miles from the nearest hospital. All He wanted from this gift was ALL PRAISE AND GLORY and our continued submission to His working in our lives. ..sounds like we got a good deal there.

I understand those miracles obligate us to share our story with others, to bless or encourage them. Those opportunities have not come in our new life soooooooo if you want a new prayer request on your list pray for doors to open for us to share these incredible things God has done in our lives.

This is the same God who came through for us in the midst of a 17,000 [yes thousand] acre forest fire [ Isaiah 43:2] the verse given to me in Texas and from Alabama..His promises are true..and his mercy endures! YES!!

He is the same God who [after 8 years of our effort] sold our farm for us when we could not...all he wanted was our submission to his will and working in our lives.

Imagine what an uninteresting lifescape this would be without the contrast of the mountaintop and the valleys, without the contrast of the sunshine and rainbows!

We are both just thankful God is molding and shaping us. He is God, He is sovereign..He is Good and did I mention Merciful?


That's The Spot-In the Picture Below

Yes, that's the spot where Ted's car was parked [ with old shoes and tin cans attached ] in front of the church where we were married June 21, 1959. The nice sign was not there but the tree was.

I would happily post a picture of the Lane that inspired the blog title 'down the lane', but so much has changed. Sad! When we go back this fall I will check it out and see if I can come up with a good picture for you. No matter what changes we still have those mental snap shots in time..

BLOG RENOVATION-my excuse for unfinished housekeeping

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A Note From Me

I am so glad you stopped by-whether accidental or intentional. Some days my posts will be entirely inspirational and other times quite random but the time we share can be worthwhile. My initial intent was to use this space for my Mobley Family notes { james n mobley line } I know one can only write when inspired to do so. With that in mind I caution you to expect various twists and turns in the conversation as we wander Down the Lane and Around the Curve. If you have a clue what a Lane is then you already know that a walk down the lane can be a solitary walk, ambling without the company of another or it can simply be a leisure experience with someone who's company you enjoy, working out the world's problems or just soaking up nature and God's spectacular creation surrounding you. There is enjoyment either way. I say all that to say this: "Our walk down the lane will be much more interesting if you come along with me from time to time. I am not the only one with something to share so please join in as you are motivated or inspired.
Please know that I have not abandoned my first blog Down the Lane. I still drop in to read comments and check my tracker to see who's reading or even if there might be a new Follower. I have noticed when I check the traffic on Like Gramma's House and come over to DTL I am seeing apparently the same visitors are checking in on both sights..based on the city and state and time frame of the visitors..That's Great! Thank you faithful few who are inquisitive enough to click on the links and come over. Let me explain ...in case you have missed it earlier: This is my original blog. At a point in the process of this project I began to drift in a new direction creatively and hence Like Gramma's House was birthed. By way of continued explanation for what looks like an orphaned blog here..I simply have not come up with a way, an idea for either following through with Down the Lane or closing it out. One cannot write without inspiration. I just don't have a clue where to go with this one. The only glimmer of a creative twist I have is to invite my cousins to contribute to the family stories, pictures with their own quirky takes... looking back Down the Lane.There has been no encouragement leading me to think they would pitch in. They all have wonderful memories to share.. and I am confident it would be worth while. Apparently just don't think what they have to share would be blog worthy.

My Gramma's House~

Time changes so many things. Loved ones are no longer here. Landmarks dissappear from the landscape. Entire communities are seemingly erased. Homes have burned leaving scarcely a footprint in the earth where they once stood. Even so, we still refer back to things 'the way they once were' as being ~Like Gramma's House~ http://mygrammashouse.blogspot.com/


There comes a time in LIFE when our COUSINS AGAIN become very important. I think that time has arrived. jwh